Is ABS a safe material

September 23, 2021

ABS is the main material for many fitness equipment, such as balance boards, push-up boards, and other fitness equipment that needs to bear heavy weight. This article discusses the issues related to ABS and helps purchasers and buyers gain a better understanding of this material.


ABS Products

What Is ABS Material?

ABS material is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, it is a polymer artificial board. It collects the attributes like wear resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance and other excellent properties of PC boards, SAN boards, BS boards. And it is an independent raw material in the food industry building models, auto industry and other fields that use new types of materials.

What Attributes Does ABS Have?

ABS material is an ideal material for boards making industry due to its great hardness, sound impact resistance, good scratch resistance, etc. Besides, it is also anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, easy processing and other characteristics. ABS material also has a good transparency, compared with the same transparency of the Acrylic, also a better resilience, as result the price is relatively high, and the color is not as many as the color of Acrylic. Generally, it has beige, and black, three colors.

ECO ABS Material

Is ABS an environmentally friendly material? ABS material is a very environmentally friendly material, because of the use of environmentally friendly chemicals, there is no toxicity and no odor, but also can be electrical insulation. In a word, it is a very safe material. Abs material is easy to deformation in high temperature between 93-118 degrees C, but it has good properties in low temperature environment under -40 degrees Celsius, so it is also a poor performance under high temperature.

ABS vs PC vs PP

PC also known as "Polycarbonate", the advantages are light in weight, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, sound elasticity, impact resistance and other advantages that all ABS boards have. PC boards’ shock resistance is the most outstanding features, high toughness, so the PC box can withstand the squeeze, collision, and even stampede in transit. Although the collection has so many advantages in one, but the biggest disadvantage of this material is that the cost is very high, there is almost no use of PC board due to its high cost. ABS boards also have the advantages of high hardness, strong pressure resistance, production costs are much lower than PC, but the disadvantage is that can not withstand high-intensity impact, otherwise cracks may appear. PP is also an ABS-like material also with high heat resistance and a temperature that abs cannot use, and can be used as an alternative to abs with high-performance modified PP.


ABS is widely used in a variety of fitness equipment, ABS is non-toxic, no-odor, and opaque, we can see a variety of colors ABS plastic products in the market . At the same time, it also has different grades, including: general-purpose grade, plating grade, flame retardant grade, transparent grade, heat resistance grade and so on. In a word, people always choose according to their own needs.




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