How Yoga Help with Aging Process

December 02, 2020

As we age, human body and joints become more fragile and less mobile and it would be tougher and tougher for us to maintain good performance even in daily activities. Many of us try to get rid of aging by keeping workouts or a healthy diet but the truth is that no one can ever get away from it.

However, yoga exercise can improve the mobility of joints and the flexibility of muscles and tendons. Also, it helps to release muscle tension and soreness due to overwork or arthritis. There is research that suggests that keeping yoga practice not only benefits us physically but also provides mental relief. Therefore, sticking to yoga practice is necessary and essential for anyone who wants to postpone the effect of aging.


How Yoga Help with Aging ProcessFinding the Right Yoga Mat

When it comes to picking a yoga mat, the material is always the first and most crucial factor that we would take into consideration because not all the yoga mats are suitable for long-term yoga sessions. Generally, there are five materials, rubber, PU, TPE, NBR and PVC, that are extensively used for yoga mat production. Each material has its own advantages and defects. Here we will recommend the TPE yoga mat as the first choice to yoga enthusiasts who are prepared to begin hot yoga sessions for the following reasons.


TPE is also called synthetic rubber. Compared to PVC yoga mat, the TPE yoga mat is eco-friendly and toxic-free. On the other hand, it costs less than natural rubber or PU yoga mat.

2. No Odor

Unlike PVC, TPE yoga mat is odor-free.

3. No-slip and good resilience

TPE yoga mat provides easy grip control between your joints and the mat even when sweating a a lot. A 10mm yoga mat or 15mm yoga mat can offer perfect cushioning.

4. Durable

TPE yoga mat is more durable with 4 or 5 times of service life than PVC yoga mats, which make it perfect for long-tern yoga practices.


Yoga Exercises to Release Joint Pain

Not all yoga exercises are designed for the general population. For the sake of reducing the effects of aging, the following three poses are suitable and feasible for most people who simply just want to release joint or back pain or get mental relaxation.

1. Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose is great for shoulders and spine. To start, face down and lie all fours on the TPE yoga mat. Life your hip up to ceiling and push your arms into the floor until your torso comes into a reversed V-shape. Keep your legs and back straight and tight. Hold this pose for a long time for the first time.

2. Seated Twist

The twist is great for spine health in particular. Seated twist incorporates stretching and twist to work out the upper back, hips and thighs.

To start, sit on a TPE yoga mat. Cross your legs with the left leg over the right leg. Twist to the right with even hips and straight spine throughout.

3. Kneeling Lunge

Kneeling Lunge helps to improve the mobility of knees and ankles, and build muscle in the hips and legs.

To start, on your knees and step out your left foot until your lower leg is vertical. Place a towel underneath your right knee. Sink your hips downwards and keep this pose for seconds.