How to Stop Aging?

March 26, 2021

How to Stop Aging?

According to a professor on medicine and endocrinology, the decline in cellular muscles associated with aging can be slowed down by exercise, especially if it is intense. A study published suggests that certain sorts of workouts may undo some of what the years can do to our cells.

They conducted an experiment on the cells of 72 healthy but sedentary men and women who were 30 or younger or older than 64. After baseline measures were established for their aerobic fitness, their blood-sugar levels, and the gene activity and mitochondrial health in their muscle cells, the volunteers were randomly assigned to a particular exercise.

Some of them did vigorous weight training several times a week; some did brief interval training three times a week on stationary bicycles (pedaling hard for four minutes, resting for three and then repeating that sequence three more times); some rode stationary bikes at a moderate pace for 30 minutes a few times a week and lifted weights (how to do dumbbell workouts) lightly on other days. A fourth group, the control, did not exercise. After 12 weeks, everyone experienced improvements in fitness and an ability to regulate blood sugar. And the gains in muscle mass and strength were greater for those who exercised only by weights, and interval training had a stronger influence on endurance.

Then unexpected results in genes were found. Among the younger who went through interval training in activity levels had changed in 274 genes, but only 170 genes had changed in those who did moderate levels. Another impact was also found among elder people, 400 genes had changed. And 33 for the weight lifters and 19 for moderate exercisers. They summarized that: Intense Exercises are always young adults’ priorities, but it seems that older people’s bodies respond in some ways more robustly to intense exercise than young people’s. So, it is never too late to benefit from exercise.

Undoubtedly, there are many types of intense activities, such as running, speeding walking, jump roping, climbing, lifting weights. Some of them are naturally more intense than others. When we do these activities, we need to have a rest based on our own conditions. We can also find some guidelines from health authorities. One report said that 75 to 150 minutes per week for high-intensity exercises and 100-300 minutes for moderate-intensity exercises.  

Of course, you may feel it is difficult to find time to exercise when you are young, and also elderly people also have many excuses to stay at the home. But you need to keep in mind that there is no way to be young and healthy just by being a couch potato. So, making the decision, improving your outlook, enjoy the road to a young face.




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