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How to Relieve Chronic Injuries Through Workouts

February 08, 2021


When it comes to chronic pain, the first reaction of most of us would be going to find a diagnostician or physical therapist for help. However, many do not know that chronic injuries could be greatly alleviated through proper fitness movements. The following is going to bring us more details and insights about chronic injuries and how to treat the injuries.


What are the most common chronic injuries?


Generally, chronic injuries refer to a previous unhealed injury or recurring injury that could not be completely cured. Some of the most common chronic injuries you may encounter may include strained muscles or ligaments, sciatica, back pain, tendinopathy, tennis elbow, fractures etc.


What are the common signs of chronic injuries?


Basically, the most common sign of chronic injury would be frequent pain during movement, tingling or aching sensation at rest, and slight swelling at the area of injury. As mentioned above, in addition to treatment options, it is recommended to take the following physical therapies only with some easy-to-get and compact fitness tools.


Torn or Strained Muscles or Ligament


Muscle soreness or tear, most of the time, results from overwork or overstretching during activities.  Symptoms of muscle injury may appear to be continuous pain, local swelling and decreased muscle strength.

How to Relieve Chronic Injuries Through WorkoutsTo relieve muscle tear or stain, recovery exercises with foam rollers or massage balls, which allow for gentle massage and moderate pressure on the painful and sensitive parts of the body, are perfect supplementary tools for individuals with recurring muscle pains. Make sure to incorporate these tools into your routine yoga or fitness program and keep on this for a period of time, then you will find the pain greatly relieved.


Sciatica is the tingle or pain around the hip and down the back and outer thigh areas and generally result from overpressure on the sciatic nerve. Usually, it is recommended to have an incorporated physical therapy of heat or ice and stretching exercises instead of turning to surgery.


Keeping a proper sitting posture is significant for relieving sciatica pain but it takes time to come into effect and may not work for all individuals. Besides, stretching exercises with resistance bands or pilates are supposed to be the best options for individuals who have been suffering from continuous back pain. Resistance band helps to stretch overworked or sore muscles in the back, thighs and all other major muscles of the body.

Tennis Elbow


Tennis elbow is continuous pain in the elbow brought on by repetitive moves that occurred in certain sports professions such as porter or cooking. The tennis elbow always is accompanied with a burning sensation on the outer edge of the elbow.


In addition to anti-inflammatory medications and elbow support, grip exercises that could improve the strength and flexibility of the forearm muscles would perfectly work on the painful regions of the elbow. Therefore, a grip strengthener may be a great choice for relieving tennis elbows, which not only engages and activate almost all the muscles in the wrist, arms and hands, but it also offers great stimulation for your trigger points to provide superior massage therapy.



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