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How to Improve Grip Strength

May 14, 2021

Hands are the end of the upper body, helping us holding, grabbing, grasping, and digging things. So, how to improve grip strength? People, nowadays, have a less stronger hands than ever before. Do you continuously have soreness in hand muscles after writing? This is due to your poor grip strength. In this article, we will introduce some ways to improve it and also provide you a helpful equipment. 

There are only small muscle bundles in your hands. And the structure is basically made up of various ligaments and long tendons that enclose the bone. So, enhancing grip strength to some degree means to build up your forearm muscles. Here are some ways to help you improve grip strength.

Dumbbell Wrist Stretch

Sitting or kneeling, to isolate forearm and hand, put one od your forearm onto a stool, and suspend the wrist and hand;

Grab a dumbbells and move your wrists up and down to the maximum extent, try your best to exert your muscle strength, and then bend the wrist up and down;

Repeat 8 rep 3 sets, remember to do the rows in a slow speed;

Dumbbells Alternate Hammer Curls

Sitting or standing, put the dumbbells on your sides, palms facing inward;Grip Strengthener

In an alternate fashion, bend each dumbbell to your shoulder while you rotate your palms toward your body;

During the whole move, immediately perform a set of alternating hammer rolls with the palms facing inward;

Repeat the action for 15reps 8sets;


Grasp the pull-up bar with palms down;

Pull your elbows down and pull yourself up;

Keep going up until your chin passes the bar;

Lower your body until your arms are straight;

Repeat 8 rep 3 sets

Use Grip Exercisers to Strength Grip

We also recommend you a piece of grip strengthening equipment which is specifically designed for improving grip strength--grip strengthener, also called grip exerciser. A grip exerciser is a simple but effective tool that always consists of a elastic handle, a strong spring, and a knob to adjust resistance. So, if you want to improve grip strength, buy a grip strengthener! Then, enjoy griping training at anytime and in any way you like.

How to Use it to Improve Grip Strength

It is easy to use, l believe as long as you grab one in your hand, you will know how to use it. And what you need to know is to adjust the resistance. You will find out that the resistance becomes bigger as you rotate the knob. So try different resistances and find one that will not only help you improve the strength but also keep you away for hand injuries like sprains. The big advantage of using a gripper exerciser is that the resistance is changing, you will not get hurt because of solid weight or dropping of heavy weights.

In the end, you need to know that the strength that the forearm can produce is limited. Besides, the slim wrist can easily suffer a sprain because of unscientific exercises, which will mess up your all plan. So, it is important to know your bottom line and do within your ability.