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How to Fix Anterior Tilt of Pelvis

April 15, 2021


People who have anterior tilt of pelvis may have such experiences. No matter how slam you are your bell still looks pump. When you put your hands back, you feel like the back caved in. In this article, we will introduce you 6 simple fitness exercises that can easily improve pelvic forward tilt.

How do you tell if you have a pelvic anterior tilt problem? Here are some steps to go.

First, stand barefoot against the wall, with your hips and upper back close to the wall. Then, put your hand into the gap between your waist and the wall, and if you can only put it in one palm, then congratulations, your pelvis is in good shape; If the gap is wide enough to hold the fist, then you can know that you have a tilted pelvis.

The essential reasons for pelvic anterior tilt are excessive hip flexor tension and stiffness, abdominal muscle strength is too weak, lower back muscles are too tight and stiff, or hip and back thigh muscle strength are too weak.

Fix Anterior Tilt of Pelvis

Buttocks and Back Stretching Pelvis Exercise

Lie on a yoga mat, bend your left knee upward, close your calf slightly downwards, bend your right leg out to your knees, put your ankles on your left knee, straighten your feet, hold your left thigh with both hands, lift your hips up for 10 seconds.

Hip Bridge Exercise

Lying on a yoga mat with your feet interval equal to the shoulder wideness, your knees bending and your feet on the ground. With the strength of the waist, abdomen and back muscles, the hips is clamped and lifted up slowly until the thighs, pelvis, waist and abs forming in a straight line, stay for 30 seconds, and then slowly put the hips down. Repeat for 10reps. It is important to note that the knees of both feet should be as wide as the shoulders, not too open or too close. When the body is put down, the spine is placed sequentially by the thoracic, lumbar, and tail vertebrae sections.

Pelvis Adjustment Exercise

Stand with both hands on the waist, exert the strength of your pelvis, do back and forth motion. When you push pelvis backwards, deeply inhaled and the abdominal muscles expand as the pelvis moves. As the pelvis leans forward, the hips come down and the abdominal muscles contract while maintaining a gentle exhalation.

Sitting Back Stretching Pelvic Exercise

Sit on a chair with your back straight, raise your arms up, lean down, and let your chest close slowly to your thighs and palms to the ground. This motion is used for stretching the back muscles that have been squeezed for a long time.

Foam Roller Spine Relax Exercise

Lying on the foam shaft, bending to the knees, through the leg extension, let the foam shaft roll on the back, this action is mainly to relax and elongate the vertical spinal muscles, soothing due to the pelvic forwards caused by the back and waist muscle tension.

Lunge Kneeling Muscle Stretch

Kneel on a yoga mat, cross your hands around your waist, step one of your feet forward, be careful not to put your knees above your toes, and then lower your body for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat the action just now with the other foot.

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