How to do Single-arm Dumbbell Rows?

March 25, 2021

You might be wondering what types of workouts are best for your painful neck, shoulders, and back. Here is the answer--do single-arm dumbbell rows. It is a simple and repetitive exercise that can be done from the comfort of your home. Indeed, there are a large number of people who are suffering from these symptoms that arise from endless use of smartphones and hand-holding devices. If you can continuously do the dumbbell rows for some time, you'll see tremendous gains on the back muscles, core muscles as well as a variety of muscles in your legs.

We can not ignore that dumbbell workouts are always incorporated with other types of training which are pricy. So, let us start dumbbell exercises with this relatively inexpensive and highly portable equipment to blow your muscles.

In order to play with a good beginning, you'd better start with a light weight, then transfer to a heavier weight to keep you away from the hospital. Here is how to execute:

Benting one-arm dumbbell row:

1.Prepare a sturdy platform or a bench to lean on.

2.Put your dumbbell on the floor on the right side (you can also start on your weaker leg).

3.Put your right leg and right knee on the bench or platform, keep your spine parallel to the ground, remember do not to arch your back, and keep your body relaxed, particularly your shoulders.

4.Grip the dumbbell toward you with your left hand, prepare to do the rows.

5.Extend your left arm, lift the dumbbell upward slowly, keep your arm close to your body, bend your elbows until your upper parallel to the ground.

6.Lower the dumbbell down to the floor to the starting position.

7.Repeat it for 10-20 sets, then turn to the other hand. Remember do not rotate your body.

Upstraight single-arm dumbbell row:

1.Stand with your feet and shoulder-width apart.

2.Hold the dumbbell using your right hand close to your shoulder, and knees slightly bent to prevent injures

3.Lift the dumbbell upward until your arm straight while kicking up your heels

4.Back to the starting position

5.Repeat 10-20 times and then turn into the other arm.

Undoubtedly, there are still many types of single-arm rows you can, such as squatting with a single-arm dumbbell row which can exercise your hips and thigh, and lying in rows to enhance your core strength. So, choose one type based on your ability.

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