How to do Heavy Bag Workout

June 01, 2021

Heavy bag or punching bag is one of the essential training equipment in boxing training. Heavy bag workout can improve one's physical strength, endurance, punching speed, rhythm, coordination, and punching power. It is the most fundamental and ideal training method for all boxing learners. In boxing, if the fists and body are not strong enough, the punching will be less powerful. At the same time, if your combat ability is very poor and it will be difficult to withstand the opponent's blow. But, heavy bag workouts will fix all your problems.

Through the heavy bag exercises, the hardness and flexibility of punching will be gradually improved, while also increasing the trainer's resistance to strike and improving physical coordination and endurance.Heavy Bag Workout

Next, we look at how to do heavy bag workouts?

Distance Between You and Heavy Bag

The distance of hitting the sandbag can be divided into three types: long distance, middle distance and short distance. The long distance is for straight swing punches, while the middle and short distances are mainly upper uppercuts and flat uppercuts. During the training process, the distance is constantly changeable as a result of exercise the flexibility and accuracy of the trainer.

Keep Your Rhythm

Pay attention to speed in training, flexible combination of punch types, and keep rhythm. Combination of light and heavy punches, especially combination punches, pay attention to the force of the punches, do not need to use every punch, pay attention to the coordination and unity of the pace and punches.

Master Punching Techniques

Follow the essentials of the movement and repeated practice with the aid of sandbags. Beginners should repeat the exercises and turn the movements into muscle memory.

Know the Difference of Heavy Bag Workouts Against Other

Heavy bag is a tool no real person. We should know that all the skills we learned in practice is more about to control an object, do not get yourself accustomed to pushing the bag, but to combine the rotation of the body with explosive force and hit the bag. In a real combat, you will be not allowed to push.

Things to Avoid

ONE: Punching in a very close distance or waiting for the heavy bag, both are wrong. In actual combat, different situations happen at any time, and take the initiative to combat not waiting.

TWO: Do not move your feet, it is impossible to happen in actual combat, or you will only be defeated on in combat. So, keep moving to avoid the opponent's boxing flexibly.

THREE: Miss the bag, your punches do not fall on the peak of your palm, then it is easy to hurt the wrist and to make things worse, the fist will lose its power.

So now, hope everyone can an overall view of heavy bag punching. Every exercise needs time, so keep working.




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