How to do Bulgarian Bag Workouts

June 29, 2021

Bulgarian Bag Origin: The origin of Bulgarian bags is very interesting. Legend has it that a long time ago, there was a shepherd in Bulgaria who liked to put his sheep on his shoulders as an exercise. It was later improved by professionals and turned into today’s Bulgarian training bag. It was originally a tool used by wrestlers to exercise, but in recent years it has been introduced into the fitness industry and has become a new fitness tool. It has different weights of 4, 8, 12, 16kg, etc., suitable for people of different physical abilities.

 Bulgarian Bag

How can a Bulgarian Bag help you?

Bulgarian bag training focuses on the upper body and core muscle groups, effectively strengthening the body's coordination, balance and joint flexibility. It is a high-energy exercise that not only helps burn a lot of calories, but also boosts the energy of the arms, shoulders, back, legs and other parts. The basic movements include: squat, squat step, push, pull, turn, bend, etc. The movements are diverse and interesting.


What you can do with a Bulgarian Bag?

Bulgarian Bag Swing

Grab the croissant No. 1 target position with both hands, first do a side-to-side swing movement using a Bulgarian bag, and when the bag has swung to one side, do a lifting movement and carry the power bag on one shoulder and quickly squat to catch it. Take a power bag, and then do a back-fall motion to drop the Bulgarian bag down on the other side and do the same motion, alternate training.


Bulgarian Bag Rounding

Action analysis: turn your hands to grab the power bag No. 1 target position, first swing the bag from side to side, and then use the explosive force to swing the bag up, do a "shirt and take off the shirt" action, where to swing when you put it up. On one side, the opposite hand swings upwards first, for example: when swinging a bag to the left, swing the right hand upwards first, and when it falls to the other side, swing the left hand downwards first.


Bulgarian Bag Twist

Action analysis: Rotation involves the exercise of balance and core control ability. Grab the bag with both hands. The second target position is facing forward. The feet are done at the center of the body and the Bulgarian bag is rotated at the same time. Keep the neck up and face forward. Do not move the body.

Bulgarian bag Squats

Hold the No. 2 target position with both hands while squatting, elbow joint close to the knee joint while standing up, lift your Bulgarian bag over the top of the head and return it to the original position, repeat the above actions.


Bulgarian bags have various weights and exercise types. It can not only improve the explosive power and coordination of the body, but also strengthen the grip, arms, shoulders, back and legs. and can also improve the flexibility of each joint. So it is a very useful training tool, want one? Now you can contact us! Our premium Bulgarian bag will meet all your expectation.




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