How to Choose the Best Massage Balls?

October 29, 2022

Massage balls, also known as fascia relaxation balls, have become more and more popular among fitness groups as a new way to relax strained or sore muscles and fascia, as well as promote rehabilitation training. 

How to Choose the Best Massage Balls?cid=3

The benefits of using a massage ball:

The massage ball usually comes with a portable appearance. Massage balls can be used to relax muscles, relieve shoulder and neck muscle pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, improve the lymphatic system,  improve body posture, therapy against diseases. Remove fascial restriction. In addition, through the influence on the autonomic nervous system, it can reduce fascia tissue adhesion, scar tissue accumulation, and reduce overall muscle tension and the probability of injury. Fascia massage works when pressure is applied within a specific intensity, amount and duration, to reduce pain and stimulate trigger points.

Massage Ball Types:

Massage ball variety in types, in general, can be divided into spiky massage balls (round or peanut shape), lacrosse massage balls common with round shapes, and cold massage rollers consisting of a round ball and a base that contains the ball. 

How to Choose the Best Massage Balls?cid=3

Spiked massage ball

The common spiked massage balls are double peanut-shaped spiked balls, and PVC spiked massage balls. Spiky massage balls are the best for foot massage, plantar fasciitis and blood vessels can also get released by those small points, and play an important role in relieving foot fatigue.

How to Choose the Best Massage Balls?cid=3

Peanut ball has a better effect on both sides of the spine and myofascial relaxation. The myofascial massage ball is a good tool for massaging your neck, back and trapezius which are caused by wrong sitting posture or strength training. Just use the strength of the abdominal muscles to lift up the neck or the upper body slightly, and use your body to roll and massage the stiff muscles.

Lacrosse massage ball

Lacrosse Massage ball leg massage can promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins and relieve leg swelling. The method of use is very simple. Press the massage ball at the pain point to carry out the movement of knee flexion and extension. This relaxation movement will let you feel relatively strong pain because it directly presses on the pain point and causes sliding between the muscle and fascia. 

How to Choose the Best Massage Balls?cid=3

Cold massage ball

It is totally different from the two massage balls above. So, let us talk about it in a separate paragraph. The ball roller is a beautiful ice-like ball, the base is hollow inside, so you use it you can just hold the base. It is more convenient than the other two types above. It is more like a cheap non-electrical massage gun. Due to its appearance, it is popular between youths and young adults.

How to Choose the Best Massage Balls?cid=3

The cold massage roller ball combined cryotherapy with the recuperative properties of a massage ball effectively relieves sore & injured muscles, promotes blood circulation and stays cold for up to 6 hours! In addition, it can also helps to relieve facial and eye puffiness, plantar fasciitis and back scratchers, fatigued Muscles, Back Pain,  hamstring, shoulder pain, stress relief and much more!


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