How to Choose and Use a Massage Ball

April 23, 2021

Massage ball or myofascial ball, as a popular self myofascial release tool, has a good effect on relieving muscle soreness. The types of massage balls vary such as peanut massage ball, spiky massage ball, grid massage ball, silicone massage ball.

Basic Knowledge about Myofascial System

We know that the myofascial is a piece of tissue that attaches to the bone and gathers in the joints, which is a kind of tissue connecting the joint and muscle. The myofascials are tough and strong, so it can protect the joints and muscles. It can reduce the friction between the muscles, ensure each muscle moves independently, and can also constrain the tendons and change the direction of muscle traction.

Hardness and Density of Massage Balls

Massage balls can be used to relieve shoulder and neck muscle pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Pectoralis major massage can relieve muscle imbalance, release leg myofascial pain and edema. Its massage principle is to squeeze out the moisture in the superficial fascia, and then absorb a lot of moisture back, so that the moisture content in the fascia exceeds the previous content.

The Benefits of Myofascial Release

Improve joint flexibility, eliminate pain;

Promote blood circulation, dredge blood vessel blockage;

Relieve tension and fatigue;

A Massage Ball

How to Choose Trigger Point Massage balls  

When choosing a massage ball, we need to know our own physical conditions. Generally, it is recommended to use a relatively smooth and soft low-density massage ball for people who do not often exercise or have no myofascial relaxation before. For the people who often stretch and relax before and after exercise, it is recommended to use moderately higher density fascial ball which can not only provide maximum support for your relaxed muscles, but also effectively release your myofascial pain. However, someone with chronic pain diseases must pay attention to the strength and methods when buying Massage balls .

Best Back Massage Balls

Peanut massage ball is actually a variety of massage ball, which is shaped like peanut. Peanut ball has better effect on both sides of spine and myofascials relaxation. As an important part of the back muscle group, it can be said that the trapeziusare are two part of the muscles that are most affected by our daily habits! The wrong sitting posture or the strength training may cause the tension of trapezius. As a result your neck may become short and thick, affecting the shape and beauty of your neck. The myofascial massage ball is a good tool for massaging your neck and back and trapezius. However It's difficult to use. You need to use the strength of the abdominal muscles to lift up the neck or the upper body slightly, and use your body to roll and massage the stiff muscles.

Best Foot Massage Ball

Spiky massage balls are the best massagers for foot massage. Those elastic small thorn one the ball can bring a foot muscles a good exercise. Besides, plantar fasciitis and blood vessels can also get released by those small points, and play a important role in relieving the foot fatigue.

As for the effective time of fascia relaxation, it is generally recommended to press the pain point for 30 seconds to 1 minute, so that the pain can be released. If the feeling is not obvious, you can rest for a while, and then press for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Best Leg Massage Ball

Massage ball leg massage can promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins, relieve leg swelling. The method of use is very simple. Press the massage ball at the pain point to carry out the movement of knee flexion and extension. This relaxation movement will let you feel relatively strong pain because it directly presses on the pain point and causes sliding between the muscle and fascia. We know legs protection is most important in Chinese medicine health care, which may help you keep away from arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis.

Things to Know of Myofascial Pain Treatments

Be sure to note that simple compression can not effectively relax your fascia! The real myofascial release technique is to use massage props to press and hold after finding your pain point, so that traction between myofascials and muscles is produced to achieve the effect of fascia relaxation. Of course, if there is no one to help you, I think it's better to use the massage ball to follow the texture of the muscle, which is more helpful for you to relax the fascia.












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