Home Remedies for Sore Muscle and Stiffness

November 22, 2021

What would you do when you get muscle soreness? As fitness grows in popularity among the general public, more and more people have developed daily workout routines. Indeed, workouts play an important role in our life. It not only improves the overall bodily functions such as heart and lungs, but it also burns fat, builds strong muscles and even prevents injuries. However, even seemingly low-intensity movements like yoga are still likely to lead to post-exercise pain or soreness, not to mention other relatively high-impact workouts such as strength training or functional training.  There below are some very simple remedies you can use when you are at home, watching TV, getting up in the early morning, working from home, etc..


Why Would the Muscles Get Sore After Exercise?

When you are trying to perform some exercises that are more intensive than that you used to do, your muscles would try to respond to this high-intensity exercise and support your body by generating energy along with lactic acid, which is the reason for muscle soreness. Generally, your muscles would grow and get stronger and you may feel the soreness and stiffness 12 to 72 hours after you work out, which is referred to delayed-onset muscle soreness. To relieve sore or stiff muscles, here are some strategies.

Home Morning Warm-ups

Home warm-ups, like stretching on the bed in the early morning or on the floor to wake up your body. Warm-ups refer to simple and light exercises including stretching, jumping, jogging or more, which helps to prepare the body in a great condition through activating tight muscles and tendons, improve the range of motion of joints to the maximum and stimulating the central nervous system. More than that, proper warm-ups also serve the purpose of injury prevention.

Self Massage Foam Roller or Massage Gun

Foam roller, a “modern fitness tool”, provides a great self-massage therapy for you wherever you are. It is great for relieving muscle tension, soreness and even strain. Actually, there are many types of foam rollers in the market such as hollowed foam roller, vibrating foam roller and more, among which the textured foam rollers with 3D massage points or soft spikes are well-recommended because it is able to stimulate trigger points and deeper muscle tissues.

Drink More Water and Intake Milk Protein

Many may be surprised that drinking water is significant for relieving muscle soreness resulted from exercises. So, what is the mechanism of it? Drinking water to keep your body hydrated would flush out the waste and lactic acid from your won metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water before and after your hot workout sessions. Furthermore, studies suggest that food like milk protein works for muscle soreness.

Heat and Cold Therapy: Foot Bath

Foot bath is a good remedy to relieve muscle fatigue. Studies suggest that heat or moist heat in particular helps with muscle tension and soreness. Hence, you may find it beneficial to use a warm damp towel, pad or even bottle filled with hot water to ease tension. You will definitely feel better if keeping heating a painful or sore area for 10 to 20 minutes every time after exercising. Cold therapy or an ice bath is ideal for relieving swelling and strain. It also works for reducing post-workout soreness. Therefore, an ice pack or some ice cubes will greatly serve the purpose of soreness reduction.




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