Hip Exercises for Women

April 12, 2021

From a bamboo-stick-shaped body to a S-shaped curved body, Chinese aesthetic gradually integrated into the global trend. The pursuit of a peach butt(also bubble butt) has become a global trend. I'm sure there must be thousands of girls going after a peach butt. So, in this article, we'll recommand some good hip exercises to help beauties make fewer detours.

Before we start introducing the hip workouts, we need to know some basics about gluteus. Gluteus are one of the largest muscle groups in the body. During a hip exercise, you can not only burn a lot of calories, but also boost your basic metabolism. So the benefits of doing hip exercises are really numerous. In fact, a good-looking hip depends on the pumpness, width, the ratio of the waist and hip. We will recommend 2 peachy butt trainings: whole-body targeted hip exercise and Glute targeted hip exercise here. Can't wait? Let us get started.

Glute Targeted Hip Exercise

Glute Bridge

We all know glute bridge is a simple hip exercise. To do it in the right way, we need to make sure that the hip and ab muscles work alone, and reduce the participation of any other muscle of your body. Simply speaking, glute bridges can bring us a pumper hip but a thicker legs. It is suitable for all girls.

Glute Bridge with Resistance Band

How to exect:

  1. Lie flat on a yoga mat, with your hands on both sides of your body, keep your body straight and your chin tightened;

  2. Keep the calf bending close to the inside of the thigh, and your feet towards the forward, the interval between your feet is equal to the width of the shoulder;

  3. Exect your hip muscle strength to lift the body, until your thighs, hipbone, and spine into a straight line. Meanwhile do not try to use your back strength, and knees do not close inward.

  4. The following picture shows how a hip workout combine with a resistance band in perfect way. Undoubtablly, the resistance belt will increase the difficulty of our hip trainings, training points look above, so resistance band hip workout are suitable for senior hip exercise enthusiasts.

Resistance bands are affordable fitness products, which can be used either hips workouts or and legs exercises. In my opinion, they are the most affordable and useful fitness equipment than any other types.(buy resistance band here)

Whole-body Targeted Hip Exercise

Dumbbell lunge and squats

I always believe that squats and lunge bring us a better effect of training hips than any other hips workouts. They can not only improve our endurance and balance but also arm muscles. They are suitable sedentary girls. Dumbbell lunge and squts aim at exercising hip muscles, thighs and rear muscle groups.(buy dumbbells here

Dumbbell lunge and squats

How to do:

  1. Raise your chest and spine upright, keeping your upper body perpendicular to the ground;

  2. Step forward, calves are perpendicular to the ground, thighs are balanced with the ground, take care not to buckle inside the knee, keep the toes forward;

  3. Squat inhale, exhale in standing straight. Do not let your knees exceed the toes, try to stretch muscles in your large extent;

  4. The more difficult one is jumping squat, an upgrated version of whole-body targeted hip exercise, the purpose of dumbbell squat is to exercise butt muscles and more about whole body muscles.

Finally, each must do 15-35 reps. To get the best hips training effect, it is important to know the utmost of your body, and then gradually challenge phycial limit. If so, I believe it won't be long before you curve your perfect peachy butt. Get started on your hip fitness training!




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