Heavy Duty Strength Training That Work Great for You

February 20, 2021

Heavy Duty Strength Training That Work Great for YouBuilding up strength and burning fat are the two most common reasons for individuals who start an workout program. Given that the general public could only stand up to certain levels training intensity, many consider aerobics such as jogging, running, step-ups and etc, as the most efficient and proper way to achieve the expected training results.


However, it is known that it would be great to incorporate strength Training into your workout program to keep it efficient and effective because a larger amount of muscles help to promote the process of converting carbohydrates into energy and power, which is called the aerobic metabolism. Therefore, strength training matters not only for athletes of specific events or strong men obsessed with power and strength, but also for every single individual who expects to improve workout efficiency, no matter what goals you want to achieve, lose weight or build up lean muscle mass.


Most think of strength exercises as high-intensity weight lifting such as deadlifting, pressing or more. Here we are going to cover more heavy duty strength training exercises that are specifically designed for individuals who looks for getting stronger.


1. Farmer's  Walk


Farmer's walk refers to marching forward for some distance and time while carrying something with a certain weight. It engages almost all the major muscles in the core, forearms, and glutes to build up your strength and increase your overall body weight capacity. More than that, it helps you to get prepared for lifting in other training and improve your performance in daily lifting activities.


To start, stand up tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and holding a dumbbell or something really heavy in a regular shape in each hand. Keep the arms naturally down and straight on each side. Begin to slowly walk while keeping your back and spine straight and tight without wobbling.


2. One-Arm Kettlebell Swing


Kettlebell Swing primarily focus on the muscles in forearms and hips. It is ideal for grip training. If a kettlebell is not available and on hand, take a dumbbell or something heavy with a handle as alternative.


To start, hinge forward your hips with knees slightly bent and maintain the kettlebell in between the thighs. Explosively press your feet into the ground and pull the kettlebell forward and upward with tight torso and back until you fully stand tall and arms straight and parallel with the ground. Then allow the kettlebell drop down to return to the starting position. Repeat the movement and continue to swing kettlebell.


3. One-arm Push Press


The one-arm push press brings remarkable challenges for your core and forearms. Not only does it helps to tone up core strength, but it also increases lean muscle mass and improve aesthetic appearance.


To start, stand tall with the feet shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell held right in front of your shoulder with a neutral grip and the dumbbell stacked right over your elbow.

Press the dumbbell upward into the air while bracing your muscles int the core forearms until the arm is fully extended. Keep your back and spine straight and tight through the move.