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Hand Grippers Guide: Super Gripper vs Grip Ring vs Ordinary Finger Grip

November 19, 2021


A gripper is a small arm muscle exercise tool, although may not be as effective as a single bar and dumbbell, but the grip force has many advantages, like light weight, easy to carry, they can be used whether at home or in the company. On the other hand, prices are much cheaper than barbells and dumbbells. For long-term exercise, it will not only show you a prominent improvement on your finger, wrist, arm strength, but also relieve fatigue, enhance blood circulation, prevention of arthritis and so on. The way to use it is very simple as well, with 4 fingers as one point, thumb and purlicue as another point, two points pinched force, do exercises into four groups. And most important, before exercise do some muscle warm-up to keep away strain injury. As a professional fitness accessories supplier, we offer all types of grippers, and now we talk about the difference among the three types of grips based on our existing products and experience.

Hand Grippers

Super Grippers

Super Gripper is also known as heavy-duty hand squeezer. Compared to the grippers of the ordinary finger gripper and the silicon material, the resistance of super gripper is stronger and as a result, the users need to have really strong arms. Super grippers are complex in structure, shaped like “D”, our super grippers material is pure metal, cylindrical in grip position, easy to grip, the entire material is steel, grip position is aluminum. Resistance is from 200lbs to 1200lbs, there are 6 springs to provide resistance. Super gripper is now a gripper for hot-selling, but overall, the cost efficiency is something we need to take into consideration, From my point of view, it is not as affordable as single bars and dumbbells. Dumbbells, for example, work out more, and can exercise muscles of your entire arm and hand muscles, while rippers exercise single muscles of forearms and hands. Anyway, it requires consumers to think about it.

Ordinary Finger Grippers

Ordinary grippers, or hand strengthener, shape like a “R”, are generally made of PP, stainless steel, rubber. Resistance ranges from 10-40kg (22lbs-88lbs) to users of junior arm workouts, for this type, we have the largest number and they are also the most common types in our catalog. Their construction is also quite simple, with a stainless steel spring at the top that provides resistance and a knob in the middle position, which is used to adjust the resistance range, if you are a beginner or have a weak arm force, the knob should be loose, and a strong arm force need to tighten the knob a up. The entire product material is PP material, at the grip position, in order to grasp more comfortable, a layer of rubber material is covered. In our product list, in addition to the rubber pp shell, there are also pure metal shell, and foam covered shell, the structure is also somewhat different.

Grip Rings

Grip Ring Is a ring-type, elastic gripper made up of silicon. Its biggest feature is that the appearance is attractive, stylish, according to the color to distinguish resistance, suitable for the crowd for the elderly, children. Here's a more interesting gripper for kids, a gripper for gel material, shaped like an egg.

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