Gym Mats Review:PVC VS TPE VS Foam

November 30, 2021

Gym floor mats are one of the products many buyers look for, mats are generally used in the home, children crawl protection or floor protection, but also to remove the dust and stains we bring on the feet, to create a clean and tidy indoor environment, used in the bathroom, bedroom and so on. Floor mats can also be used in the gym, mainly to protect the role of the floor, the reason is very simple, the gym gravity equipment, the ground mat played a role in protecting the floor, there are some movements relatively dangerous, mats play a role in protecting the body. Wavar is a professional manufacturer, the production and wholesale of various floor mats is one of our abilities, if there is any good mat including yoga mats, stitching mats, gym mats, other, aspects of demand, do not hesitate to contact us.

Gym Mats

Pros vs Cons

Fitness mats are thickened and dampened; anti-smash durable; do not move during exercise; protect floors; reduce noise; and cushion fitness equipment. Stitching the entire home gym floor is too expensive, mobile needs to be disassembled and then stitched, complex operation is not convenient, stitching there are gaps, hands and feet easily fall into injury, easy to fall off and move during exercise.

PVC Gym Mats

PVC mats have a particularly large number of varieties of colors, such as carpet patterns, stone patterns, wood flooring patterns, grass patterns, etc. , pattern realistic beauty, rich and colorful colors, cutting stitching simple and easy, decorative. In addition, PVC flooring also has the advantages of comfortable feet, wear-resistant scratch resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, green, waterproof, non-slip, mold-proof and so on. If the surface is contaminated, can be easily cleaned with a mop, too dirty can be cleaned with a special cleaning agent for the floor, easy to maintain cleaning and low cost.

PE Gym Mats

Oversized whole black fitness mat, maximum size up to 300cm x 180cm free to move, can be rolled up and collected. High hardness wear coefficient, can be placed fitness equipment, can also be used for insanity, T25, rope jumping and other home fitness training, support shoes stampede. Don't drop the chips, don't drop the scum.

Foam Gym Mats

Foam splicing pad, generally used as a leisure mat, anti-slip effect and wear coefficient slightly worse, mechanical long-term heavy pressure appeared dent scratches are unrecoverable. When laying mats, clean the site first, including wood-floored areas and tiled areas. Avoid unnecessary dust and secondary contamination.

Rubber Gym Puzzles

By a small piece of stitching, the general commercial gym used more. Pressure-resistant wear for large fitness equipment. Disadvantages smell too big, household is generally not recommended.

Features Of Bad Gym Mats

Methylamine is a colorless transparent compound with ammonia flavor, is a synthetic medicine, spices, dyes, a raw material, is recognized as toxic substances. If the mat contains methylamide, it can enter the body through the respiratory tract and skin, and can also cause damage to the skin and eyes. Methylamide is also a reproductively toxic substance that can cause harm to the reproductive system of the human body, especially children.




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