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Full Body Massage Therapy That Really Work

February 19, 2021


As one of the most common supplementary workout tools, massage balls have been growing in popularity among fitness enthusiasts of all levels not only for its wide range of application in workout programs but also for its great benefits to body relaxation and rehabilitation after hot exercise.  


So, how to actually use the massage ball? Overall, massage balls can provide massage therapy for the full body including the back, neck, forearms, thighs, soles and more. It helps to stimulate deep muscle tissues and trigger points to relieve muscle tension and strain, which makes it a perfect tool for rehabilitation training and any other post-workout programs.


Although massage ball can be used on different parts of the body, the basic working principle ensures it works in much the same way regardless of where it is working on. Roll the ball around the trigger points to keep Full Body Massage Therapy That Really Workthe simulation for 2-3seconds, where you will feel extraordinary pain, which is generally endurable. As rolling the ball back and forth for some times, the pain at the trigger points will be gradually relieved, which indicates the muscle has been relaxed and the massage ball indeed works. If the pain is too much to stand, you should suspend the massage and come back to the massage after taking a break for a period of time.


In addition, it would be great to take deep breaths while doing massage training. You can also incorporate stretches into your massage program to achieve better rehabilitation results. Next, we are going to cover some massage postures for all the major parts of body.


Soles: Most people suffer sole pain due to over walking or jogging instead of tight sore muscles.

Sometimes, it could even lead to plantar fasciitis. Therefore, as for sole pain, all you need to do is just stepping on the massage all while kept balanced. Try to press the ball into the floor to use your own body weight and gravity to produce pressure and stimulation to your soles.


Back Muscle: Office works have to sit in front of computers for a long time every day, which is really likely to cause back pain and tension. The groove of the peanut-shaped massage ball perfectly fits and matches up with the spine. A long as you are lying on a massage ball, it will provide great massage for your back and all the small muscle groups around.


Hips: There is a lot of muscle in the glutes and hip pain always occurs among office workers who are more likely to have overtime sitting than other occupations. In this case, try to lie on one of your sides with massage ball, which will engage and massage all the major muscles in glutes and waist.


It is important to note that using massage ball usually do not have any side effect, but if the muscles feel more and more pain during the massage, you better stop and turn to physical therapist for professional advise.


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