Free Weight Training Gears for Different Age Groups

April 01, 2021

Free Weight Training Gears for Different Age GroupsWhen it comes to weight lifting, you must think about dumbbells or barbells. However, weight lifting equipment includes more than just dumbbells and barbells. Kettlebells, power bags, weight vests and any weighted thing around your house may be working well as weight lifting equipment. Furthermore, using multiple equipment offer more benefits than you thought. Firstly, different gears engage just about all the major muscles of your body. Besides, they allow for more training intensities based on the way how you work out.

So, we are going to review several free weight gears and talk about their advantages and disadvantages in a more objective way.

Medicine Balls

As the name implies, a medicine ball could be used for rehabilitation training and recovery, but more often, it is used to build strength and tone almost any part of the body including core, arms, and more. Nowadays, the medicine ball has become one of the most popular workout tools among fitness pros and exercisers and it is a great addition to almost any workout session.

However, medicine balls are high-impact after all. Get started with small medicine balls or avoid this if you can not stand the impact at all.


As one of the most common tools that appear in gyms, kettlebells play an important in weight lifting. Actually, kettlebells are perfect complement to fitness enthusiasts working on a barbell or dumbbell session because kettlebell training involves more swinging and rowing which targets different muscle groups than dumbbells.

The disadvantage of kettlebells is that it is not ideal for beginners and it really takes time to master this movement.


If there is the best piece of equipment for weight lifting, dumbbells are definitely in the options. Due to their unique shape, dumbbells lead to dramatic muscle growth than other free-weight tools. They are perfect tools not only for improving muscle mass but also for increasing muscle size. Furthermore, compared to barbells, dumbbells allow for working on one arm or leg at a time, which makes it possible to intentionally improve your weak side of your grips or feet. You will get a strong and stable grip through every curling or lifting. At last, dumbbells are known also for their versatility. They come in from one pound to even 100 pounds and ideal for all age groups. If you are new to dumbbells, an adjustable dumbbell may be a great option for you.


In terms of weight setting, there are two types of barbells: fixed weight and detachable barbells. Typically, the barbell handlebar is 1 or 2 inch in diameter and it fits all weight plates with 1 or 2-inch center hole. Barbell provides more challenges for you and helps to push your limits to lift heavier weights. More than that, two anti-skid handles provide you more safety and support for your wrist. Same as dumbbells, barbells are also great for people of all ages and levels no matter if you are a beginner or not.








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