Foam Roller for Runners

June 09, 2021

For runners, a foam roller will be like an old friend worth having. It is like a cheap massage tool which effect is beyond your imagination. Especially after speed training and long-distance running, a foam roller will help you release stiff legs and make you relaxed and comfortable immediately.

Foam Roller for Runners

Everyone who runs should have a foam roller. So, what are the benefits to use a foam roller?

  • Improve the stretch and elasticity of muscles and tissues, reduce muscle strain;

  • Effectively relax muscles, eliminate muscle tension and spasm;

  • Promote blood circulation and lymphatic return;

  • Reducing joint pressure, effectively alleviate accumulated pain in joints;

  • Exercise the balance of the body;

You may be using a foam roller in a wrong way!

  • Roll directly to the most painful area

If you find a sensitive and painful point, this is just a clue, you can start rolling a few inches nearby. Need to spend more time and work around the sore area, not where the pain is felt.

  • Bad positions

In the foam roller massage, you can be in a variety of postures, then strong muscle strength is required. If you do not pay attention to your posture, you may exacerbate the bone deviation of your body and cause more injuries. So it is better to find a professional teacher, or record it with a camera, then observe whether you are doing it correctly, whether your hips are sagging, and whether your spine is twisted.

How to Relieve Muscle Soreness?

  • Foam roller for lower back

Lie on your back on the foam, put the foam roller under your upper back or trapezius, cross your hands on your shoulders, lift your body off the ground, and support with your heels;

Roll the foam roller back and forth, from top, to middle, to bottom, do it for 2 minutes

If you want to reduce the soreness of the rhomboid muscles or the middle back, turn the roller vertically to put the foam roller above the hips, and roll around your hips;

Lie gently on the roller, cross your hands behind your head, bend your knees, and place your feet flat on the ground

Roll left and right to massage the middle and back, rolling for one minute on each side;

When practicing, look at the ceiling. If you look down, you may strain your spine.

  • Foam Roller Upper Back

Lie on your back, hold your chest and bend your knees, put the foam roller on your middle back, and tighten your abdomen;

The legs push to drive the body to move, and the foam roller rolls from the middle back to the shoulder joints;

Do not lower or cervical spine in the front.

Foam Roller For Runners

Place the foam roller under the calf;

Place your hands on both sides of your hips, palms flat on the ground;

Raise your hips slightly and slowly roll back and forth, from the ankle of the starting point to below the knee;

Rotate the calf inside and outside to massage into different areas;

Repeat 10 times;


So, all runners have an overall view of how to use foam rollers.




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