Find the Punching Bag That is Right for You

December 28, 2020

Find the Punching Bag That is Right for YouStrength training is one of the most dominant trends for the last few years. As a comprehensive exercise that may require muscle engagement all over the body, strength training works great for us in the aspects of muscle building or calories burning.


Unlike the traditional forms of strength training, boxing may lead to a more positive and effective workout performance because it not only helps build up strength but also improve endurance, balance, and even focus. 


Therefore, picking the right punching bag is the precondition for successful workout performance. Here we are going to talk about two ways of picking a punching bag. One way is to choose based on the types of punching bags and another way is based on your own measurements and goals.


Which type of punching bag is right for you?


There are millions of punching bags in a variety of sizes and shapes in the market. The majority of them fall into three categories, which are heavy bag, free-standing bag and speed bag.


Heavy Bags


In terms of heavy bags, the traditional classic heavy bag is the one that we used to see the most, which is a cylindrical bag that usually hangs from ceilings and great for all the basic types of boxing training including punching, kicking and skill training. Generally, heavy bags weigh between 60 and 200 pounds. It is stationary and works well for heavy-duty strength training, but not convenient to relocate it since it always has to be anchored to the ceiling or something tall and stable. Hence, you have to make sure your ceiling is able to handle the bag’s weight before installing.


Free-Standing Bags


Compared to heavy bags, free-standing bags don’t hang and always come with a stationary and firm base that is filled with sands or water. Some free-standing bags may have sucking discs at the bottom of the base for a reinforced fixation. Free-standing bags may be the option when you are limited by workout space. It offers excellent resistance as heavy bags and meets all the requirements of free kicking and punching. On the other hand, free-standing bags may wobble around a little bit when struck or hit hard.


Speed Bags


Like the traditional heavy bags, speed bags are also suspended from ceilings, but it is usually smaller and filled with air to make it move fast and snap back. It works to help develop punching speed and reduce reaction time while improving endurance and strength with the involvements of all the major muscles in the body.


What are your measurements and goals?


Choosing a punching bag with the right size depends on your measurements. To roughly calculate the punching bag size, divide your weight by two and round up the result to the nearest tens.


After you have figured out the proper punching bag size, you also have to identify what exactly goal you are trying to accomplish before searching around online. Basically, please pick a lighter punching bag if you are aiming to develop speed, mobility and accuracy, while a heavy-duty bag is a better option if you would like to build up strength and muscle.






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