Everything Need to Know About Yoga Mat Maintenance

February 04, 2021

The yoga mat is an important part of our life for yogis and fitness enthusiasts and we need to get close to it almost every day. We sweat and make progress on it everyday. It is one of our closest friend during the long hot yoga sessions. Therefore, we really should take good care of it.


So, it's important to clean your yoga mat everyday. Unwashed MATS are likely to carry bacteria, fungi, and dust mites.


Bacteria may lead to folliculitis, fungi can cause ringworm and beriberi, and dust mites are the biggest threat to allergic people by inducing allergic dermatitis and asthma.


How to Clean?


To keep it clean, it is best to clean it every other week. And the easiest way to clean a yoga mat is to mix two drops of dish-washing liquid with four bowls of water, spray it on the mat and wipe it off with a dry cloth.


If your yoga mat is already dirty, use a cloth dipped in detergent to gently wipe the mat top, rinse it off with water, and then roll it up with a dry towel to drain the left water. Finally, put the yoga mat in the ventilated place to dry it out.



Use as little detergent as possible, because if detergent remains on the mat, it may become slippery. Do not use hard or stiff hair brush to wash it, which may lead to cracked surface or fuzz.

And don't leave the yoga mat out under the sun when you're drying it!


Everything Need to Know About Yoga Mat MaintenanceHow to Clean Different-Type Yoga Mats


Cleaning methods for TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat are different because of their different materials.


TPE is currently the best environmentally friendly material, and one of the its greatest advantage is the water resistant ability and easy to clean. Simply follow the routine cleaning method and wipe it with a dry towel.


There are gaps between the molecules of PVC yoga mat due to the foaming technique. Therefore, it is going to take in a lot of water during washing and can not be completely drained out. If washed with detergent, it will become slippery when pressing it no matter how many times you have rinsed it. 


More than that, as we all know, PVC yoga mat still may not function well even after getting dried for two or three days. Therefore, the PVC yoga mat must be cleaned with a large towel after being washed, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry thoroughly.

Yoga mat daily maintenance


A small tool may help a lot in Yoga mat ordinary maintenance: yoga towel. The main function of the yoga towel is to get spread over the yoga mat to absorb sweat.


When we do yoga exercise, the body will sweat a lot along with the movement. If the sweat drops on the yoga mat, it will make it sticky, feels uncomfortable, and easy to slip. You can use this super absorbent towel on your yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat.