Butt Exercises for a Better Shape

December 07, 2020

“How can I get into a good shape?” This is a question that cross our mind on a regular basis. Generally speaking, a better butt means a better shape for women in particular. But completely changing how you look demand not only the hard work and determination, but also some exercise skills or instructions that can help us tone up the butt efficiently during a short period of time.

When it comes to butt exercise, we always talk about squats, which truly engages the glutes during every motion, but in fact it only target some muscles of the glutes. And the key to butt exercises is to train more muscles from various angles through compound movements. Therefore, learning more types of butt exercises are necessary and essential for toning up a better butt.


Butt Exercises for a Better Shape1. Hydrants with Leg Extension

Leg Extension is really great for fat burning and butt shaping. To start, on all fours with your arms vertically straight, and your knees shoulder-width apart and curved at 90 degrees. Lift and extend your right leg to the side until reaching hip height. Return to the beginning position and repeat.


2. Barbell Squats

Barbell squat trains the glutes more on the flexible level. To start, stand tall with your feet a little wider apart than shoulder-width, rest the barbell on your shoulder just beneath the back of your neck. Slowly drop your hips down until tight knees and back, and then return to the beginning position.


3. Lunges with Dumbbells

Lunges engage most of the muscle of glutes and thighs, which makes it a good way not only to tone up the glutes but also improves the glutes appearance. Lunges with dumbbells work your glutes more on the strength level. Therefore, a plated dumbbell with weight ranging from 2.5kg to 7kg is a perfect additional tool for this movement. To start, take a small step forward on your right foot with your back straight and dumbbells held in both hands.Bend over your left knee toward the floor until 90 degrees. Pause for a while and then return to the beginning position.


4. Glutes Bridge with One-Leg

Glute bridge has always been one of the most efficient exercise for butt training. Single-leg glute bridge is an upgraded version of Glutes Bridge, which engages more glute muscle into the movement. To start, lie on your back with one knee bent at 90 degree with the floor, and another knee extended straightly at 30 degree with the floor. Squeeze and lift your hips toward the ceiling as high as possible. Return to the beginning position and repeat.


5. Lateral Step-ups

Step-ups to sides targets and work out small glute muscle groups, which is great for muscle extension and flexion. To start, select a chair lower than your knees. Step one of your feet out on the chair with your knee at 90 degree. Step into the ground and lift the another leg and knee upwards. Return to the starting position with a soft landing and repeat.


Keep on those exercises mentioned above regularly and properly for a period of time, ans then you will find it interesting while you body shape turns better and better.