Boxing Training for Beginners

April 17, 2021

Boxing is increasingly popular in recent years. Here we are going to talk about some ways of boxing training and boxing programs for pros and beginners. (Buy boxing products)

Alertness Training

Many people ignore alertness training, directly to strength training. In fact, alertness is the soul of boxing training, because boxers will not only need to be brave but also wisdom to win a match. In basic boxing training, alertness training is always attached more importance than strength training. Taking side-slipping as an example, this motion can be used effectively boxing training program to make use use of speed and flexibility and prejudge the opponent's intentions.

Strength Training

Boxing is a game with strong confrontation. If your strength is far weaker than the opponent, you will not threaten your opponent even your punching is fast, and come to grief particularly in a closer confrontation with your enemy. Boxing strength training programs such as squats, dead pulls, citations,weight lifting, and other collaboration of the classic movements can help us exercise the lower limbs, cores, upper limbs.

Function Training

This training can help us know how to use our bodies properly and how to exert our strength to make our movements safer and more efficient. Related actions in boxing training include squatting, kneeling push and pull, push-up rowing, one-arm pull, one-legged dead pull and so on.

Neck stability Boxing Training

Neck and shoulder boxing training aims to improve the stability of the neck and shoulder. In the face of confrontation in boxing game, boxers are inevitably hit on the head, so a stable neck will let them clam down quickly, and reduce head shaking that may lead to cervical injuries. Some basic neck stability training can be carried out such as head resistance band pulls at various angles and neck bridge.

Dietary Taboos

Boxer will consume a energy in a boxing program or competition. Despite the technical skills and willpower, physical fitness is also an important factor. In order to stay in better physical condition, a healthy diet is particularly important. For the healthy development of the body , boxers should be away from some high fat, high fiber, and spicy ingredients. Fat, protein is a necessary nutrient for the human body, but need reasonable dietary pattern. Vegetables such as leeks, cauliflower, spinach, pumpkin, cabbage, rape, mushrooms and so on are also relatively with high fiber. Spicy food such as bacon, chili peppers, kimchi, hot pot ingredients, etc. with a spicy flavor, if overeated on the human body is very harmful. Athletes should be even more wary of eating such foods.


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Boxing Programs:


Jab focus on speed, not strength. In most cases, the arm does not need to be straightened. The purpose of jab is to interfere with the opponent, threatening them not to attack discretionarily, and preparing for other actions. This is a basic boxing program for beginners.

Tentative straight punching

The speed is slower and more stretchy, and arms are straighter than jab. It strikes a longer distance. The main role is to control the distance, defend the enemy on the periphery, and prepare for the next action. Straight punches should be heavy, fast and powerful, preferably before the opponent strikes. It's too late to react until the other person's fist arrives.

Boxing Training Tips

  1. Relax the body and lower the core;

  2. The knees bend slightly to maintain elasticity;

  3. Bend your waist;

  4. Keep the center of gravity in the middle of your legs and lean slightly forward;

  5. Relax and droop shoulders and slightly forward;

  6. Put your jaws away and look ahead;

  7. Right foot pedal against the ground, while left foot step forward or jump, twist, send shoulder, punch. In this process, if the center of gravity from the original center suddenly move to the left front (left foot), you can take the cross step straight/back swing, if the center of gravity moved to the rear, you can follow the normal straight/back pendulum and so on.




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