Bosu Half Ball vs Wobble Balance Board vs Plane-Roller Balance Board

October 20, 2021

“The balance board is a device that has come to be used for training in sports and martial arts, for physical fitness and for non-athletic purposes.” It can be made of ABS, wooden, these two materials, and also PU,PVC, leather as supplementaries. Balance board training is good for your agility and reaction skills, improving legs and hips strength, performance and a reduced chance of injury. Wavar have many genres to introduce you, including rectangular, round boards with roller or Inflatable rubber prop under the boards, or children’s boards. Bosu boards are the soft boards in round shape; wobble boards have rubber prop below; arched wooden boards for kids; also plane boards with separated rollers.  

Wobble Balance Board

Plane Balance Board with Roller

Many people in the past, particularly workers in the circus, used this for recreation and performance, and also nowadays, not only performers in the circus, but ordinary people start to use it for workout and fitness. So, it is the original version of all boards. Here, below we attached a dissembled board image to show you, so that you can see more details of this product. This is mainly made by a solid wooden panel, and equipped with a roller. The roller is made from PVC with a soft fabric on the outside. There are also 4 stoppers, and you can easily attach the stoppers or remove to satisfy your switching between different levels.

Wobble Balance Board(MORE)

This is made up by a round panel, the material can be ABS plus rubber or wooden plus rubber, and most prominently, it is installed a rubber prop below which is hollow inside, not a hard support to produce some buffer for a easy use. When you stand on it, you can rotate, slide, tilt, roll, and even some combined poses. It also differ in sizes and shapes, the size can be up to 60cm. The shape of the panel can also be rectangular. The patterns can vary, as a professional supplier, we can design for you, or produce in accordance with your concepts. Our wobble balance boards have thickened wood board with a bearing weight of 300lbs, very good quality. Welcome your inquiry!

Bosu Half Ball

When it comes to balance training, BOSU ball must be one of the most recommended and stylish tools. A BOSU ball is typically a half ball with an ABS or PVC flat base. The name BOSU actually comes from the words, “Both Sides up”. As the name implies, a BOSU ball is versatile and reversible. It allows for a variety of core exercises on both sides. The soft side is a half ball made by rubber material, which is easier when you use this as a supporting surface. The other side well increase more stability. One tip on how to stand on a BOSU ball is having your knees slightly bent, which helps you keep balanced without wobbling.

Plane Balance Board for Kids

This board is arch shape, always made by eco-friendly wooden material, healthy, no-odor. The surface is covered by soft rubber, or blanket for protecting. 




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