Best yoga mats - cork vs NBR yoga mats

March 16, 2021

Consumers are dazzled by a variety of colors, types, and prices of yoga mats, some of which obviously are of low quality. Down to earth, the ultimate criterion for people to choose a yoga mat is the material. Due to a lack of knowledge of materials, many yoga mat buyers do not get the products they want. In recent years, Yoga learners have varied from adults to three-year-old babies. In this article, we will help all yoga learners including young moms to tell apart the advantages and disadvantages of two types of yoga mats--cork yoga mat and NBR yoga mat.

NBR Yoga Mat

The Advantages

NBR yoga mat

Nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR), is a synthetic rubber material. NBR material is widely used in the automobile industry, petroleum, aviation, and other fields. As the most common yoga mat, NBR yoga mat has many advantages such as excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, and strong adhesion. Besides, it also has good water resistance and airtightness. Due to its cheap price, it is always the first choice for yoga beginners.

The Disadvantages

NBR yoga mats also have many disadvantages. Because of the poor elasticity of the NBR material, a substance, called foaming agent, needs to be added in the production process to improve its elasticity. As a yoga mat material, this substance promotes NBR’s elasticity, but also emits toxic odors. Just elasticity is not enough, NBR is light weighted. So, the filler which is made from lime is added to increase the weight of a NBR yoga mat. This is why some mats may give your skin a sense of burning, and even allergies in some severe cases.

After all, the quality of a NBR yoga mat depends on the quality of NBR, fillers, and foaming agents. So, it is extremely difficult for buyers, especially moms to distinguish a NBR yoga mat from millions of yoga mat products. As we all know, the simplest method is based on price: you get what you pay.

Cork Yoga Mat

The Advantages

cork yoga mats

A real cork yoga mat is made of natural solid wood and natural rubber, using glue-free bonding technology. At present, the upper layer of most cork yoga mats on the market is cork, the bottom layer is rubber material, which may not be what the public understands. Yoga mats made from these two materials are the most environmentally friendly yoga mats. So, for parent-child interactive yoga practice and nature-lovers, this type of yoga mat must be the top priority.

The Disadvantages

The advantages of a cork yoga mat come from the inner features of its materials. Cork, as an eco-friendly material, is naturally antibacterial, odor-free, chemical-free, and biodegradable. And Natural rubber material, which is completely recyclable, provides high density, great resilience to fully protect you when your bones push against the ground. With great traction, strong sweat absorption, and good air tightness, we believe it will give you a great experience with your yoga workout.


Wavar, as a Chinese fitness equipment manufacturer and exporter, is capable to provide a wild range of fitness products and satisfy customers' requirements. We are committed to a healthy lifestyle through high-quality products. There are a few keywords that need to be considered about a cork yoga mat such as material, traction, thickness, space, and so on. Based on the features of a cork yoga mat, we believe this type of yoga mat will be the best choice for all yoga mat buyers. Welcome to contact us.