Battle Rope Workouts

May 27, 2021

The popularity of the battle rope is not only because of its coolness, but also because of its outstanding training effect. A simple rope can exercise our explosive power, strength, endurance, coordination, at the same time it allows us to hit the limit of our heart and lungs.

In this article, we will give a general introduction to battle rope workouts, what are the benefits, and tips that should be paid attention to when practicing.

Battle workouts are loved by so many people. So What Are the Benefits of This Exercise?

When we wave a battle rope, our body strives to maintain stability to resist the movement of the battle rope, it is very effective for the abdomen, waist, hands, feet and other stable muscles;Battle Rope

Improve core stability and physical coordination;

To strengthen the muscle endurance and increase the muscle mass of the body part, many MMA fighters, UFC and other fighters and NBA players will use it for training;

Increase muscle strength, and can accelerate metabolism, increase fat burning efficiency;

Rope Workouts We Can Exercise

First of all, How Long Does the Rope Need to Be? 

For most people including beginners, a length of 9 meters of rope with a diameter of 3.8mm is enough. Beginners should practice step by step, from easy to difficult.

The requirements for use are very simple, just fix the middle of the rope on a firm fixed or heavy object, hold both ends of the rope, and swing in the air in various ways is exercise practice of battle rope. A shortcoming is also obvious. Because of the length of the rope, battle rope exercise takes up more space, so generally small-scale gyms will not be equipped with it.

Cross Wave

It is the most classic battle rope workout and the best battle rope exercise for beginners. This exercise usually what you do when you first start to train with a battle rope. It sounds simple to practice it. First, you need to maintain the squat position, holding the two ends of the battle rope, waving your arms crossed, and shaking the battle rope. After all, try to make the wave of your battle rope beautiful and rhythmic, then you will know how hard it is.

Double Slams Wave

This action is similar to the cross wave action, but both arms need to swing the rope up and down at the same time. To do this, you also need to maintain the squat posture.

Jumping Jacks Wave

Believe that you know it when you hear this name, its basic action is Jumping Jack. To do this workout, you need to hold the end of the battle rope with your two hands. While jumping, the arm holding the battle rope dances up and down in the rhythm at body side, show a the sense of rhythm.

The above are three relatively basic battle rope workouts. Of course, there are more difficult and challenging workout. We won't go into details here. Do each for 30 seconds, with a 30-second interval, rest for 2 minutes after 5-time wave, and repeat 3-4 rounds.

Finally, Battle Rope Workouts Tips

Keep the waist and abdomen tight, but relax the joints;

Don't twist your shoulders when shaking, but the movement should come from the shoulders, not the elbow joints;

The whole body muscles must be in a state of tension. Except for the movement of the arms with the ropes, the whole body must be basically stable;

The last point is also very important. A straight spine can help you exert muscle strength better;

Above all, hope everyone has an overall understanding of the battle rope workouts.




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