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Back to Strength Training Workouts

December 11, 2020


Most of us get down to a training program for nothing more than two reasons, losing weight or building up muscles. Therefore, aerobic exercises are more likely to be considered the solution to weight loss and body shaping because more fat can be broken down and the heart and lung function may be improved during the aerobic movements.


Strength training seems unpopular with the general population and women in particular since many of us feel that strength training only builds up muscle and increases its size and it contributes nothing to burning calories. However, it turns out that strength training not only increases muscle mass, it is also necessary and essential for burning fat and losing weight. Now we will be looking at four aspects in which strength training helps us lose weight.


Back to Strength Training Workouts1. Strength Training Prevents Muscle Loss and Keeps Metabolism on a High Level

Muscles consume the majority of the energy of body. As we pass the age of 30, muscles would degenerate year after year, which means the basic metabolism of our body would decline, strength would get weakened, and our body will get into the stage of aging. Our bodies could not burn as many calories as they used to, then people are more likely to gain weight.

Keep on strength training may effectively prevent the issue of muscle-loss because when we build up more muscle than we lose, the metabolism level will be improved so it is easy for you to gain weight and you are more likely to stay in a high-metabolism condition with resistance to aging.


2. Strength Training Accelerates fat burning process

Although strength training can't help you burn calories directly, it helps improve the body's metabolic level, allowing you to burn more calories than others, thereby increasing the speed of fat burning without being aware of.

Comparing two people who are working on losing weight, one is simply doing aerobic training and the other one incorporates strength training. Generally, the latter is more efficient and effective in calories burning and body shaping with a lower possibility of rebound.


3. Strength Training Makes You in Shape

A good figure depends more on exercising instead of diet. Cardio alone would only reduce your weight, and would not help you get in shape. In comparison between two people of the same weight, the one with much more fat would look obese while the one with more muscles looks slim and streamlined.


4. Strength Training Helps Keep You in Good Physical Condition

As reaching middle age, we feel less capable and powerful than we used to. Keeping on strength training stimulates the release of testosterone, which helps to effectively improve the strength of full body and maximize the weight-bearing level.

On the other hand, you will find out that strength training greatly helps you perform better in everyday activities. You will find it easy to lift a 24 inches luggage and you do not even pant for climbing stairs after a period of strength training. Back to Strength Training Workouts

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