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Arm Workouts at Home

April 28, 2021


Most women's arms have the highest percentage of fat compared to other body parts. In this article, we will introduce 4 arm workouts at home, which are done with bare hands. So, you can do these workouts at home when you are free. Even though you don't have any fitness basis, you can also find a suitable one. So, let us get started.

Arm Muscles

The muscles of the arm on the surface include biceps, triceps, deltoids, and etc. Of course, they are still many other parts, we are not going to dissect them, but say parts that are always mentioned by fitness instructors.


Biceps are large muscle of the upper arm is formally known as the biceps brachii muscle, and rests on top of the humerus bone. The biceps is comprised of two heads. The function of biceps is to bend the elbow and assist the shoulder


They are below the socket of the shoulder blade, and two distinct areas of the humerus. As the name suggests, it has three different heads, the long head, lateral head, and the medial head. The function of triceps is to extend elbow and assist shoulder joint extension and adduction.


A large triangular muscle that covers the shoulder joint, serves to raise the arm laterally. It can be seen as a shoulder plate, which just covers the ends of the upper muscles, and protects them. The function of deltoids is to abduction, flexion and assist shoulder joint extension.


The 4 best arm workouts at home

Two arm dumbbell rows

Bent down, and go down your knees to protect them. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and keep them in front of thigh. Lift up the dumbbells vertically with your elbow upward until they reach your collar bone. Lower the dumbbell back down and repeat for 30reps and 3sets.(Read more about how to do single-arm dumbbell rows)


Of course, Handstand is one of the all-time impressive workouts that don’t need any fitness equipment but only body weight. How to control and balance your body is obviously the most challenging and last obstacle that we need to fix. To conclude it briefly, before a handstand, we need many transition motions like push-ups to strength your arm muscles. Also, you can also do press-ups through resistance bands. You may familiar with a position that feet are elevated by a resistance band hooking on the ceiling. It will be very helpful by using our resistance bands.

Reverse Plank

To sidestep boring, repeatable plank, we recommend you reverse plank as an alternative. This workout will not only focus on your abs but only arms and that is why we list it here. Like all other strength training, it also requires strength and stability. One who always do plank or push-ups may be annoyed with the uncomfortable wrist pressure that the position bring. So, we today recommend you a impressive fitness equipment to deal with this problem. It is push-up rack! It will give your wrist a angle less than 90 degree so that you will feel more comfortable.

Arm release push-up

Try the 3 workouts above? You must be exhausted. So, it is time to slow down the frequency and intensity. The arm release push-up enables you have a short rest after a ordinary push up. It starts in a high plank, then put you body down on the floor with your arms reaching out in front of you, then press palms to push back to the start position.

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