Aerobics and Anaerobics

January 08, 2021

Aerobics and AnaerobicsAerobic and anaerobic exercise are two basic concepts in exercise physiology. They are two different forms of exercises, the outcomes of which are also different. Understanding aerobic and anaerobic exercise can help us make a training schedule in a more scientific and rational way, so that we have a better control over our body. So, next let us go into details to learn the differences between aerobics and anaerobics.


Aerobic and anaerobic exercise are actually differentiated from each other according to whether the energy for muscle contraction during exercise comes from the aerobic metabolism or the anaerobic metabolism.


What exactly is aerobics?


Aerobic exercise, also known as aerobic metabolic exercise, refers to the exercises performed in the condition of sufficient oxygen. That is, the oxygen we take in during workouts is equal to the demand, reaching to a physiological state of balance. Hence, it is characterized by low intensity and long duration. It may sufficiently decompose carbohydrate and burn fat, enhance and improve the cardio-pulmonary functions, prevent osteoporosis, relieve mental stress and so on.


Common aerobic exercises include but not limited to walking, jogging, skating, swimming, riding, stepping board, and any rhythmic exercise and so on. If you  want to lose weight and get into shape as soon as possible, you are highly recommended to do aerobics, which can help you lose wight in a simple but effective way.


How do you do cardio?


Frequency: Repeat at least once a day for at least half an hour to an hour, three to five times a week.

Intensity: Keep the heart rate at the difference between 170 minus the age. For example, a 60-year-old old man, the heart rate in its movement should be maintained at 170-60 = 110 times/min.

Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Note: Before getting started, do warm-up first. The amount of exercise should be gradually increased. After exercise, relax for 15 minutes and don't stop abruptly.


What is anaerobics?


It refers to the intensive movement of muscles in a state of "lack of oxygen". Due to the over-fast movements, the body has no time to consume sugar but has to rely on the oxygen-free system for energy supply, during which there will be too much lactic acid being generated, which then leads to muscle fatigue and soreness and short of breath. Anaerobic exercise is perfect for sculpting muscle line and building up muscle strength.


When it comes to strength training, we always think of dumbbells or barbell workouts. Actually strength training is not limited to that. Sprint, weightlifting, throwing, and all other anaerobic training are great for muscle building and strength training.


Aerobics or Anaerobics?


No an exercise is suitable for everyone. As for which exercise is good for you, it depends on your own physical conditions, which may includes: age, physique, exercise basis, workout goals. For example, people who have no basic exercise experience can start with aerobic exercise to improve their heart and lung function and increase their strength, and then add anaerobic training.


Some people are born slim, and want to build up muscle. So, they should focus on anaerobics. On the contrary, some people are "muscle guys", who are easy to gain muscle. If they want to lose weight, then they should incorporate more  aerobic training.