Aerobic vs. Anaerobic: Difference, Training, and Products

May 07, 2021

We always confuse with the definition of aerobic and anaerobic. In this article, we will talk about their difference, training, workouts, exercising, and relevant products.

The Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic

Oxygen consumption, heart rate, and organic metabolism differs in aerobic and anaerobic exercises. 

In an adequate oxygen condition, the cells consume the sugar needed and the oxygen can fully oxidise the sugar. Simply speaking, aerobic exercise is low-intensity, rhythmic exercise. However, when a person performs exercises in a low-oxygen environment, the activity of the lungs increases thus expands the arteries vessels, and metabolism accelerates then requires more energy consumption. As a result, aerobic metabolism cannot meet the body's energy requirement, then sugar is metabolized without oxygen to release more energy. This process is what we call anaerobic process. Therefore, it only takes half of the time for the normal to achieve the same fitness performance.

In general, both aerobic and anaerobic activities are good for strengthening the function of the immune system, the brain tissue and muscle to use oxygen, etc..


Is Aerobic or Anaerobic Training Better?

As we mentioned above, intense activities are all anaerobic activities, the abrupt weight or activities will put too much pressure on your muscles, while the aerobic activities are like a cushion to your body and keep away from wrist and shoulder strain or injuries. So, as a beginner, It is good to start with some aerobic exercises like jogging, flexibility training, yoga or Pilates training, etc.. Especially for beginners, the strength less body is too weak to do anaerobic workouts.

Aerobic Training, Workouts, Exercises

Is yoga aerobic or anaerobic?

When breathing is typically mentioned in a certain exercise, you may be clearly aware that this exercise is aerobic, because it needs fluent oxygen. There might be more than 100 types of yoga and most yoga sessions are typically related to movements like stretching, bending, flexing, meditating, breathing to build strength, awareness and harmony in both body and more importantly in mind. The slow and long-time sessions will definitely consume a myriad of energy. 


Flying yoga

Flying Yoga, known as a new type of yoga, is an excellent, slow aerobic training. It is based on classical yoga concepts with an added hammock as a prop,and the all process is anti-gravity. It is designed for flexibility training, muscle tension alleviation and excellent in spine relaxation. The fluent and elegant motions are alluring all girls to pay for the new rising activity.

The benefits of doing flying yoga

Practicing flying yoga will improve body flexibility which closely links with our everyday activities and lowers the opportunity for strains or injury. However, this gentle exercise is not easy to do. Flying yoga definitely deserves to be the best and elegant aerobic exercise that will not only shape body curve but also increase mobility, cardio function, and muscle strength. As we all know, handstand, as one of the basic motions of flying yoga is the most challenging one with bare hand which needs a great deal of arm strength, in flying yoga practice, the hammock will support you and help you keep balance. So, you can imagine how sweaty you will be.

In general, besides yoga and flying yoga, there are also many other types of aerobic training like jogging, swimming, and skipping jumping. In fact, there are all costless and effective workouts that just need our patience and endurance. Compared to the two activities above, we recommend doing some jumping and jogging regularly firstly, then attend some affordable classes. If you just aim to keep fit, then you can pick one that suits you and learn online.

What is Anaerobic Training Effect

Strength training

Anaerobic training can be generally called strength training. Short-term, explosive sports such as weightlifting, dumbbell rows, sprinting, and boxing are all anaerobic exercises, while slow and sustained muscle movements like the most typical bodybuilding exercises are also anaerobic exercises.

Strength training blows muscles and consumes more energy. Targeted muscle training can give you the perfect curve and suitable for someone who wants to become a muscular. Strength training will unavoidably bring muscle soreness, and this is a drawback that all anaerobic workouts have. In fact, the reason is on account of anaerobic metabolism process. Intermediate metabolites, such as lactic acid, cannot be eliminated by respiration, then accumulates in muscle cells, causing muscle soreness. So, after anaerobic workouts, we need to do some aerobic stretch activities to release those acid inside.

Aerobic Products

Aerobic Step Platform

Step board was invented around 1989 by a professional fitness athlete, known as a classic aerobic exercise and the most extensively used fitness equipment that have been popular around the world for decades. Wavar steppers are with premium quality, and various types. It is easy in use. A stepper board integrates with jumping activity that can give you a series of aerobic workouts such as stepping up and down, stepping squat jump.

Stepping board training seems simple and common but actually it is really practical and may meet all the training needs. We can compare stepper-using workouts with jogging which is the most common cardio workouts. Adjustable height makes the simple aerobic training more challenging and interesting.


Anaerobic Products

Free weights

Anaerobic workouts may need tools like kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell. They mostly work on specific groups of muscles. you can choose the weight according to your own regular physical condition and exercise intensity. Wavar free weights are with high quality and versatile in use, take dumbbells as example, the weight ranges from 5lb to 25lb, materials are various too, like TPE, rubber, cast iron, etc.. Barbells are all amazing anaerobic tools. In general, they are most made of solid steel so that the weight is heavy enough. Some are covered by rubber to protect floor scratch. Kettlebells are more for full-body workout, and made of powder and solid metal.

In general, it is impossible to run anaerobic or aerobic metabolism in the body when doing fitness workouts. We can only say that one is dominant. Now, you can know what your body doing during sport activities.




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