6 Yoga Ball Movements for Home Workout

January 27, 2021

Although we have stepped into the year of 2021, still we are trapped in home  because of the COVID-19 virus. As the pandemic seems to come back again, most of us have to stay home in quarantine for some days or even a few months. For those who used to work out outdoor or go to gym, it seems not to be an option for now. However, home workout may be a good alternative because it does not require a lot of space or time to achieve the same workout performance as outdoor workout.


Yoga ball is one of the best home workout equipment, with which you can engage almost all of your major muscles into the exercise without occupying much home space.


Yoga ball, also known as fitness ball or exercise ball, is an essential aid to yoga practice. It helps you strengthen your core strength and exercise all parts of your body. Not only can it speed up weight loss, but it can also add more fun yo your busy life. So, how should we use the yoga ball to do the yoga training correctly?


6 Yoga Ball Movements for Home WorkoutNext, we are going to cover 10 yoga ball movements specifically designed for home workout. All you need to complete the movements below is just one single pvc yoga ball.


1. Back Stretch with Yoga Ball


To start, sit on the yoga ball. Slowly Lean the upper body forward as legs split to sides until your palms touching the floor with a straight and tight back throughout . Return to the starting position and repeat.


2. Hip Stretch with Yoga Ball


Place the yoga ball right behind your back, and then kneel with one leg. Keep the front leg at 90 degree and tiptoe pressed up against the surface of the yoga ball. Keep this pose for 20 to 30 seconds.


3. AB stretch with Yoga Ball


To start, sit on the yoga ball. Slowly Lower your hips while stretching all your fours to make your waist pressed up against the ball surface to feel the pressure. Keep the knee bent over at 90 degree throughout the move.


4.  Side Stretch with Yoga Ball


Lie down on your left side over the yoga ball. Hold up your body with left hand while extend your right arm forward. Keep this pose for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.


5. Plank with Yoga Ball


Press your elbow against the yoga ball with a 90 degree arms and keep a plank position. Please note to keep a straight back and spine throughout the move. Keep this position for 3 seconds.


6. Hip Raise with Yoga BALL


To start, lie down on your back with your feet placed on the yoga ball and your arms on the floor at each side. Raise your hips slowly until your torso is straight. Keep this position for a few seconds.


Overall, Yoga ball movements are perfect for the exercise of the abdomen, back, waist and other parts of the body. With slow stretch, squeeze and other movements along with your breath, it provides great massage for deep muscle tissues.