6 Movements with AB Roller

January 06, 2021

AB Roller is not strange tand most of us may have already tried to practice with an AB roller.

And then you find out that the muscles in abdomen have not increased obviously as expected. Generally, AB rollers are perfect for building up abdomen and core muscles, but if you want maximize the workout outcomes with a AB roller, you have to correctly and appropriately perform a AB roller.


AB roller exercise is definitely not easy as it seems like picking it up and rolling out. Here we going to introduce you to some simple but classic AB roller movements in this entry to help you practice in a right way. And I believe it will really improve your core to a large degree after you have completely mastered these movements .


1. Facing-Wall Position


Facing wall position is ideal for beginners or fitness lovers who are new to this area, and it primarily helps to tone up muscles in the shoulders and chest.


To start, face the wall and hold the AB roller right against the wall with extended arms. Push the roller up along the wall while extend the upper body as you push until tight arms. Then slowly return to the starting position. This repeated training can achieve the purpose of exercising all the major muscles in the body. On the other way, You can also stand upright and lean on the wall and lift the roller right overhead with extended arms, and then push it back and forth on the wall. The body then moves to maximize the extension and retraction, which also exercises the spine and cervical spine.


2. Kneeling Position


Kneeling position is great for abdomen and waist muscles. It also engage the muscles in the forearms and chest. As the name suggests, kneel before get stared with this movement.


To start, kneel on all fours and hold the handle of the roller with both hands, and then evenly push the roller forward, while extending the body forward until tight torso and arms, and then return to the initial kneeling position and repeat.


3. Position for Calf Building up


This position is designed for workout on calf and burn fat on calf.


To start, sit on the chair with the two feet stepping on the handle of the AB roller, push the roller forward with the feet, while extend the calves forward as far as possible, and then return to the original position and repeat.


4. Position for Back Training

This is specifically designed for the training of muscles in the back and shoulders while improve the flexibility of shoulder ligaments.


To start, sit on the ground and place the AB roller right behind your back. Grab the handle of the roller with both hands and push it back and forth. At the same time, the body extends backwards as far as possible, and then returns to the original position and repeat.


Ab rollers are great tools to build up muscles in the abdomen, waist, hips, arms, and other areas of the body. But if your primary goal is to burn fat, you have incorporate some aerobics into the AB roller movements.