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5 Components of Fitness--What are They and How to Balance Them

May 11, 2021

5 components of health related fitness are heart and lung endurance or cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. In fact, if we want to get a better result than others in our fitness goal no matter what it is, we need to keep a stable balance among the training of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Body composition not only depends on exercise but also your eating habits. You may be a swimmer, a weight lifter, yogi, and as a result focus on one of the 5 components because of a specific indicator, yet an optimal fitness plan can not exclude any one of them.

Cardiovascular Endurance 

A good cardiovascular endurance comes from a strong heart, clean vessels, and a healthy lung. As long as you are alive, cardiovascular system is working without pause. The only difference is that the intensity or the oxygen needed varies. Undoubtedly, any sport requires cardiovascular endurance. Exercises like swimming, jogging, jumping are good for enhancing cardiovascular endurance.  

Muscular Strength and Endurance 

It depends on how much weight and how long you can lift. An intuitive example which can show us how muscle strength and endurance could be as weight lifting competition in the Olympics, the gold medallist will be the one who grips the heaviest weight of 50-200kg, and holds  the longest time. Muscles cover almost all part of our body, so, it is necessary to relief and build each of them. Build-up exorcises like push-ups for arm muscles, squats for butt and legs are all basic and effective.


Flexibility is how flexible your joints are. The flexibility will reduce when you get hurt and become old. We can see many olderly have difficulty in reaching the objects on the floor, and less flexibility will induce muscle soreness and injures. However, regular stretching will improve muscle flexibility. We can do resistance band stretching or yoga, even some fundamental motion to active the bone joints.

Body Composition

The percentage of fat mass to fat-free mass. Basically, we have three different body types--ectomorph who are slim in shape and less fat, usually providing energy by burning protein; mesomorph who have a great deal of muscle mass, and look more healthier; endomorph are those who need to set a strict workout plan to lose fat, and adopt a healthy diet to control calories intake and eating frequency.   


How to Balance 5 Components in Your Daily Exercise Routine

Balancing all of them needs us involve relevant exercises in our daily fitness routine. So, you now can think over whether your daily exercise cover a wide range of activities or not. So, here we will show you a 35-mintue exercise routine which covers 5 components.

Step 1: check your diet plan

Your diet decides mostly your body type. You need to continuously adjust your diet towards a fitness goal as your physical condition changes or you set a modified plan. This needs a long period, and an expert to provide some advice.      

Step 2: 5mins stretching 

There are many flexibility training items you can do, such as resistance band stretch and yoga stretch. How to do  stretch? Sit on a mat and then try your best to reach your feet with your arms. This is a spine stretch. Quite easy, right? And then you can do leg and arm stretch. 

Step 3: 10mins jumping or running, stepping 

This step needs you to let your body full vigour. If you do not want to go out, then we recommend you an adjustable a step board to do stepping at home, as a result replacing running outside.

Step 4: 20mins full body muscle workout

For this, we would recommend ab roller workouts. Don't just listen to the name, and think it only focusses on abs. Actually, it is a challenging activity that will require more power on your arm and leg, try this you will know how effective it is.