4 Ways to Release Stress and Achieve More

December 03, 2020

Nowadays, we could not feel more stressed than ever before. And we could get stressed or upset even for some tiny and trivial things such as delay in traffic, lack of sleep, overtime work, all of which can lead to stress or the feeling of being overwhelmed. When we are in a state of stress, it is less likely for us to achieve better performance in daily living and working.


4 Ways to Release Stress and Achieve More

So, is there any effective and efficient ways to deal with stress? The answer is positive. The following is four ways to release stress and put yourself together.


1. Moderate Exercise

The moderate amount of exercise improves blood circulation and metabolism, promotes cardio and pulmonary functions, balances blood pressure, and keep your physical condition excellent and healthy. In addition, exercise will stimulate the brain to release β-endorphin, which is the natural tranquilizer and helps release mental stress to get you in a good mood.

The key to relieving stress through exercise is to find the exercise that works for you instead of blindly following others. The following is some most common exercise for stress releasing.


*    Jogging for at least 30 minutes.

*    Yoga

*    Meditation

*    Massage Ball

*    Foam Roller Exercise


Among the ideas mentioned above, foam roller, 3 in 1 foam roller in particular, is the way we recommend the most because it not only release mental stress but also provide massage for the deep tissue muscle and relieve muscle tension and strain.


2. Focus more

We feel over stressed especially when we are interrupted or have to deal with multiple tasks at a time during intense working, which could add more stress to our busy work. There are countless distractions in our life and it is crucial to learn how to manage time effectively if you do not want to be emotional and disturbed by sudden stress from time to time.


3. Change the Way How You Think

Thoughts are the primary factor that could affect the emotion, and our thoughts are always determined by our attitudes and habits. Therefore, over negative and extreme thoughts will lead us to stress. And it is necessary and essential to learn how to change the way we think and act, which will significantly helps us get out of bad emotion, and then ensures good performance at work and daily life.


4. Relaxation

Everyone has his or her own way to relax but the relaxation here refers to some simple movements to relax yourself wherever and whenever you feel stressed. Therefore, every time when you feel the bad emotion are overwhelming you, please take a deep breath for some time and do some simple stretches to make your over-stressed sympathetic nerve cool down and stimulate and activate your parasympathetic nerve to save strength. This way is more like meditation or taking a shower, but it is more convenient and portable.


As the pace of life accelerates, we could be more trapped in a tense state, which will eventually bring us physical damage . Hence, it is time to pay attention to this issue and find the way you enjoy to relax your body.