4 Moves with a Yoga Brick

December 30, 2020

Yoga brick is a magic tool, with which you can not only challenge yourself to some complicated movements but also diversify your practice. When you work out with a yoga block, you are trying to manage every single motion on a smaller base, which forces you to work harder to stay balanced and focused.


Some people regard using yoga bricks as an inability or cheat to achieve expected results. But, actually yoga bricks not only help to develop your balance and endurance, but it also deepens and vary practice. Hence, yoga bricks are pretty recommended for yogis of all levels and here are 4 of my favorite movements with yoga brick.


4 Moves with a Yoga Brick1. Downward Puppy Pose


Downward puppy pose will help us to open the chest and stretch the entire spine by lifting up the body with the arms and shoulders.


To start, place two yoga bricks shoulder-width apart right in front of you. Bend on all your fours and hold the yoga bricks with your hands. Begin to push your hand into the ground as you lift up your shoulders and glutes as well as extend your arms and legs until fully extended .


Puppy poses are great for building up strength and range of motion of muscles in the back and limbs while improving over-all balance


2. Swing Pose


It is available to perform the swing pose with a yoga brick, which will serve as perfect props to help you move back and forth fluently.


To start, get on your knees, place the yoga blocks right beside your knees. Hold the yoga bricks with your hands, curl up your body. Push your hands into the ground and extend your arms until your feet off the ground. Continue to press down the blocks, bring your knees closer to your chest and lift your heels up near your glutes. Then try stretching your legs out forward.



3. Kettlebell Squat


Squat is one of the most common and effective movements for strength training. Unlike usual kettlebell squat, kettlebell squat on yoga bricks not only requires a level of strength and stability but also needs balance control out of you. Therefore, it challenges and engages almost all the major muscles in your body.


To start, stand a little wider than shoulder-width apart with yoga brick beneath each your foot. Place a kettlebell right between your legs. Bend your knees until 90 degrees and hold the kettlebell with both your hands. Slowly lift up the kettlebell until your legs are straight and tight. Keep your spine and torso straight throughout the motion. Return to the starting position and repeat.


4. Neck Release

This pose is specifically designed to release muscle tension and soreness at the back of the neck. It is good relaxation or massage therapy for post workouts or overworks. During this practice, the yoga block is used as a trigger point tool to target deep muscles in the neck to bring relief.


To start, lie on your back with a soft foam yoga brick beneath your skull. Relax yourself and feel the corner press into your muscles.