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Wholesale weight benches | Your Reliable Weight Benches Manufacturers from China

Wavar provides Adjustable Workout Bench, Foldable Weight Benches, Multifunctional Weight Bench, Workout Benches, Gym Benches, Fitness Benches and Exercise Benches. 

Fitness Centers/Gym bench: Wavar weight benches are durable, reliable and can withstand heavy use, that can accommodate a variety of different exercises and weight loads. Additionally, we also provide foldable weight benches which allow for more equipment to fit into a smaller area.

School Exercise Bench:  Satety&sturdy weight benches are provided for schools, Adjustable weight and height benches can handle a variety of users, including students of different ages and sizes. Easy to clean and maintain.

Sports Teams weight bench set:  Wavar supplies weight bench set with weights and weight lifting bench for sports teams' daily strength training and conditioning. Adjustable weightlifting bench for different exercises and athletes of different sizes. Additionally, the training benches are easy to transport and store.


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